Attorney Paul J. Margiotta Announces Lawsuit Against Nassau County

Officer Jeff Colletti Denied Civil and Constitutional Rights When County Refuses His Request for Leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Attorney Paul J. Margiotta of The Margiotta Law Firm, P.C., announced today that he is seeking $100 million in damages for his client, Officer Jeff Colletti, claiming Officer Colletti’s civil rights were violated when he was denied a leave of absence to care for his sick wife and newborn child, and that his client should have been entitled to take time off under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Continue reading “Attorney Paul J. Margiotta Announces Lawsuit Against Nassau County”

Update on John Cave Jr.

Breaking news on a story Disability Nation first covered over a year ago. Despite a state order in his favor, a hearing-impaired Westbury teenager was barred Tuesday from bringing his service dog to school. John Cave, 15, his mother, his twin sister and a family attorney were met at the entrance of W. Tresper Clarke High School in East Meadow by principal Timothy Voels, who refused to allow the dog inside the school.

Continue reading “Update on John Cave Jr.”

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